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White, Black, Red Rice & Paddy Seed in Rudrapur-Uttarakhand

Are you looking for high yield White, Golden, Black, Red Rice Paddy Seeds or broken (tukda rice) in Ramnagar, Rudrapur, Kiccha, Gadarpur, Bajpur & Bilaspur- Uttarakhand, your search ends here. We are Leading White, Golden, Black, Red Rice Paddy Seed & Borken (tukda) Rice Stockist, Trader and Exporter with owned Gading Plant in Rudrapur with experience of more than 05 years working with traders from from Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and eastern Uttar Pradesh with approach like think GLOBAL and act LOCAL. We can help you get RICE & Paddy Seed of highest quality at favorable wholesale price in and be your best LOCAL Supplier from Uttarakhand. if you consider us your partner in Kiccha, Rudrapur, Bajpur, Gpeshwer and Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand. We offer End to End Solution Black Wheat, Red Rice, Lakhori Mirch, Wild Honey, Pahadi Haldi (turmeric) bulbs or Powder other than Amaranth in Rudrapur- Nainital-Dehradun- Uttarakhand at BEST PRICE, QUALITY and QUANTTIY. Do write to us on corbettpark@gmail.com or Call on +91 9719251197.

West Bengal is India's top producer of rice followed by Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Orissa, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Assam, and Haryana. A lot of water and labor are required to cultivate rice, due to this reason, rice cultivation is primarily carried out in places where labor costs are low, high rainfall and ground water levels are excellent. Since rice can grow in many climates and altitudes, hence is cultivated in different seasons in different parts of country. As a result of high rainfall and low winter temperatures in the northern and western parts of the country, rice is usually grown once a year from May to November. However in southern and eastern states 2 or 3 crops are grown on large scale. Our consistent efforts have earned us name among the producer & Traders of 1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice in Haldwani, Bageshwar, Lalkuan, Bazpur, Kashipur, Udham Singh Nagar, Kichha, Sitarganj. We follow the traditional approach to maintain its natural properties and nutritional value.

If you are searching for High Yield variety of Paddy Rice Seeds of White, Golden, Black, Red Rice, Jhangora Paddy Seed- Narendra Shankar Dhan-2, Pant Shankar Dhan-1 & 2, Pant Shankar Dhan-2, Proagro- 6446, PHB-71 and PUSA RH-10(Sugandhit), Ganga Narendra A, Sar Dhan-3, Saahyadri-4, HRI-157, DRRH-3 and US-312, Pro Agro-6201, PAC 835, 837, Pusa RH-10 Ganges & Blast, Narendra Inferior Hybrid Paddy-3, Sahyadri-4 (2008), HRI-157, DRRH-3, US-312, VSR-202, RH-1531, Arias Prima, KRH-1, DRRH-1 & Sahyadri, RH-204 are important recommended high yield variety of hybrid paddy rice seeds. VL Dhan 69 is a Red Rice variety suitable for cultivation under irrigated transplanted condition of medium elevated hills of Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. This Specialty Rice is known as “Sarayi” in the local language and has occupied a special position in the heart of the local people and is cultivated in Purola region of Uttarakhand. This extremely nutritious rice comes with a firm texture and a nutty flavour & unique aroma. We are leading Suppliers to Uttarakhand State Farmer Co-operative (SFC), Farmer Producers Organisation (FPO)), Farmers for certified hight yield Paddy Seed varieties suitable for growing in Uttarakhand are VL Dhan-85, Vivek Dhan-82, VL Dhan 68, Pant Dhan 11 & 12 , Pusa Bansmati 1509, Govind, VL 65.Do write to us with your requirement on corbettpark@gmail.com or Call on +91 9719251197

White Tukda Rice Supplier From Rudrapur- US Nagar (Uttarakhand)

We also deals Mango, Litchi &Lemon Plants, Fruits and theirs processed forms like Chutney, Pickle, Jam, Concentrates & Syrups. You can also enquire for RAW/ Processed forms- Lehsun (Garlic), Chilli (Mirchi), Haldi (Turmeric), Madua/ Ragi (Millet), Cholai Seeds (Amaranthus), Wild Honey and Mustard Oil. Most of our products are collected from rural himalayan villages. Pahadi Noon/ Salt is another favorite using- Salt, Corriander, Garlic Leaves, Green/ Red/ Yellow Chilli. You may also check for A2 Ghee collected from Villages (Badri, Gir and Sahiwal Cow), Jaggry/ Molasis (locally Prepared natural way) Rice, wheat and Atta. Herbs and immunity boosters in plants/ saplings or in their raw forms- Satavari Roots, Sarpgandha Roots, Ashwagandha Roots, Giloy Stick & Moringa, also visit Naturopathy Center here. You can also contact us to book for stay in Himalayan Homes and Farms. Do write to us on corbettpark@gmail.com or Call on +91 9719251197.

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Local Grown-Collected Spices

Lehsun (Garlic), Chilli (Mirchi), Haldi (Turmeric), Madua/ Ragi (Millet), Cholai Seeds (Amaranthus), Honey & Mustard Oil Seeds, A2 Ghee etc. are available.

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Immuniny Booster Plant Roots

Buy Herbs and immunity booster plants or produces in raw form- Satavari Roots, Sarpgandha Roots, Ashwagandha Roots, Giloy Stick and Saplings.

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Nursery- Fruit Plants & Herbs

Buy Fruit bearing plants like Mango, Litchi , Guava & immunity booster herbs like - Satavari, Sarpgandha, Giloy, Moringa & Ashwagandha Plants.

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