Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

Asian Elephant in Jim Corbett National Park

Elephants are largest of land mammals, has been an integral part of history, mythology, tradition, culture and religion of INDIA. There are three surviving species of elephants in world, ONE in ASIA and TWO in AFRICA. Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) are distributed in Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Unlike African species, Asian elephants have been domesticated for thousands of years and have been used in medieval warfare, for temples, for wildlife safaris and as working animal.

Asian elephant were once found throughout south and southeast Asia but now they has been reduced to scattered populations because of human activities like conversion of forest areas to farming, developmental works like construction of dams and other civil works like roads and canals. Apart from habitat constriction, these wide-ranging animals also face obstruction of their traditional migration routes. Poaching of elephants for IVORY is another serious problem that elephants face.

Elephants are notable for their remarkable intelligence and sharp memory. This is because elephants have largest brain in animal kingdom. Males have tusks and such elephants are commonly called TUSKERS. There are also some tuskless males, called MAKHNAS. The TRUNK of an elephant is most distinct and versatile organ and can be used for feeding and drinking, breathing, trumpeting, herding the young ones and sometimes even for fighting.

Corbett Tiger Reserve has about 700 Asian elephants. They are part of migratory population that also lives in Rajaji National Park. Earlier, there were much fewer elephants in Jim Corbett National Park but their population and number in Jim Corbett park has increased significantly in recent decades. Although, elephants are present throughout Jim Corbett National Park, elephants are most easily sighted in Dhikala chaur, Phulai chaur, Bijrani and Jhirna zone of Jim Corbett National Park.

Elephants are social and live in groups consisting of females and their young and are led by eldest and most experienced FEMALE. Adult males usually travel alone and associate with female herds for mating.

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