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Adventure Activities & Sports in Jim Corbett- May, June & July

There are lots of things to do in Jim corbett National Park other than just jeep safari. We offer range of adventure activities & Adventure Sports at Jim Corbett National Park near Vanya River Lodge & Resort- Jim Corbett, makes it perfect place to stay in Jim Corbett for weekend & a holiday destination to visit jim corbett national park for day picnic, family weekend or a corporate event. The list of things to do in Jim Corbett also includes Adventure Activities near BackPackShack Hostel-Corbett includes: Wall Climbing, Wall Rappelling, Zipline, Commando & Type Net, Water Roller, Pressure Rocket, Lawn Zorb, Water Zorb, Bull Ride, Kids Paddle Boat, 8 Obstacle Coure, Free Fall, Bungee Run, Bungee Trampoline, Human Gyro, Gun Shooting, Archery etc.

There is list full of things to do in Jim Corbett National Park, with stay at Vanya River Lodge & Resort- Corbett National Park - Go for Jeep Safari to Dhikala-Dhangadi Gate- Bijrani Aamdanda Gate Road, Walk & Trek in Jim Corbett into forest across river Kosi, visit local village walk around Jim Corbett National Park to share the simple joys of the native folkor just dip your feet in the river Kosi just behind Corbett Backpackshack Zostel. Call +91 9719251197 or Write email on

KIDS PADDLE BOAT: These are imported hand paddle boats made up of plastic and are a kids delight activitiy for aged 2 - 12 years kids.Book-INR 750.

WATER ZORB: Transparent plastic ball with airtight & water tight Zip and a nozzle to blow air in. This sport is well liked and appreciated by people of all ages. It is advisable not to use ride more than 4-5 minutes to maintain safe oxygen level and not recommended for any person with breathing related isses. Book- INR 750.

BUNGEE TRAMPOLINE : Participant made to jump in the air with the help of elastic / Bungee cords attached to a motor. It is primarily targeted at kids aged between 7 to 12 years. The maximum suggested weight is not more than 50 Kg . It is a very thrilling game for the kids , as they are made to jump almost 15 ft in air. Book- INR 750.

COMMANDO & TYPE NET: One of the very famous activity among Defence and NCC. Here is a wall of net almost 15 feet hight which has to be climbed first and then has to be descended from the other side, and all in 10 seconds.Book-INR 750.

WATER ROLLER: A large inflatable tube provides a dry atmosphere when inside. Try and walk on water like a hamster! Not advised to be inside more than 2-3 minutes maximum. Book- INR 750.

8 OBSTACLE COURE: The course includes obstacles like the Plank Bridge, the Zig Zag Bridge, the Balance Beam, the Hanging Tunnel, the Burma Bridge, the Block Bridge, the Tyre Bridge and the Commando Jump.Book- INR 1500.


We offer various Adventure Activity & Adventure Sports Packages in Corbett National Park 2024

Regular Adventure Activity Package- INR 2500: Includes 8 Obsacle Course , 200 mtr. ZipLine and 30-35 ft. Wall climbing /Rappelling

Extreme Adventure Activity Package INR 2750: Includes 8 Obsacle Course , 200 mtr. ZipLine 30-35 ft. Wall climbing, Free Fall / Ttrampoline & Tyre- Commando Net

Kids Adventure Activity Package INR 2500: Includes Water Zorb or Water Roller, Bungee Run, Paddle Boat and Tyre- Commando Net

We also arrange Angling Tours in Corbett with Tiger Safari Tour Packages in Jim Corbett National Park with some of best naturalist of Corbett Park and for wildlife enthusiasts BIRDING Tours who wishes to experience the Jungle Stay-during PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS one can also learn lessons with them. YOGA & MEDITATION which are conducted at lodge by Yogic Teachers, and and SUMMER CAMPS 4 KIDS. We also offer WORKSHOPS on RELATIONSHIP, DETOX & STRESS MANAGEMENT for the Individual, Corporate, other than Packages for SOLO Travelers and FIX Departure TOURS to Corbett. Vanya Lodge is Ideal venue in Corbett of Corporate TRAINING on Team Building, Leadership, Communications and also conduct seminars, conferences TEAM ACTIVITIES and EXCURSIONS. Do write to us or Call on +91 9719251197 for Programs & Cost. You may consult & take advice from your doctor before reservations for adventure activity.

may, june, july activities to do in jim corbett

Tigers in Jim Corbett Park

Tiger is National Animal of India, symbolise raw power of nature & find an important place in our culture, legends & mythology. Tiger has been worshiped as guardian and ruler of forest.

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Jim Corbett Elephant Tour

Jim Corbett National Park is only National Park in India that allows night stay inside national park and elephant safari. Book your Jeep & Elephant safari tour now at best price.

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Places around Jim Corbett Park

Jim Corbett has several places to see around like Corbett Museum, Corbett Water Fall, Garjia Temple, Tumaria Dam, Kosi River Walk, Kath ki Naav, Jim Corbett House.

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