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Clothes & Things to Carry Jim Corbett- Summer Months

jim corbett clothes to wear in june, july amp; augustthings to carry jim corbett in june, july amp; augustpacking list for jim corbett for june, july amp; august

The clothes you should carry to Jim Corbett National Park with you are totally opposite depending on season in which you are visiting but dont forget to include N 95 face mask & hand sanitizer in your pack list during extended covid 19 to Corona JN.1 time. Temperature in Jim Corbett in may, june & july month ranges between 22 and 32 degrees centigrade. Nights are pleasant however days are humid. Jim Corbett Packing list for Monsoon months viz may, june & july be light clothes with definite inclusion of cap and dark glasses, Rain Coat or an Umbrella. Cotton Shirts and Light Pants are recommended for days and light woolens are recommended for Nights for outdoor particularly if you are visiting jim corbett with small baby or Kids, as sometimes it feel cold particularly after rains. Dont forget must include is mask & sanitizer if your planning your trip in 2024.

Winter months in Jim Corbett National Park specially October, November, December, Janauary, February & March are opposite to April, May & June. Morning jeep safari drives to jim corbett park are freezing cold and even how many ever layers you wear sometimes feel insufficient. The days however are extremely pleasant and a light sweatshirt can more than suffice due to ward sun and less pollution. Night get very chilly in during November, December, January & February in Jim Corbett particularly in outdoors. For those who intend to photographs the raw landscape and wilderness of jim corbett national park during wee hours of morning without pressing all wrong buttons on their cameras, don't forget to take along a pair of gloves with your camera kit that are thin yet warm and provide for sufficient movement to hands.

Trolley bags are great! But we need flexibility to move about freely. At Jim Corbett National Park Smooth grounds may not always be an option so light backpacks are best bet while packing for jim corbett national park safari tour. You will be hopping in and out of vehicles throughout trip, so bringing along a daypack to carry along only essentials things to jim corbett, when on you go exploring the wilderness is a good idea.

Donít get Stuck with the Wrong Clothes and Stuff

If you donít want just land in Corbett National Park & struggle there with bag without putting a little thought into what you need to carry for your trip to Jim Corbett National Park. All seasons are great seasons to visit jim corbett national park but tclothes youíll need varies along with when you are going. While summers are scorching hot, winters are quite chilly. Simply put, hereís what you need to wear according to when you go.

If you are going jim corbett national park sometime in April, May or June Ė Light cotton shirts and light pants or shorts are recommended. Khakis and Cargos go well. Take along a dark pair of sunglasses and donít forget your safari hats to complete the look (and for the functionality of it). A pair of sturdy sports sandals is a great choice for footwear. If you planning your trip with small baby to Jim Corbett National Park during April, May and June, Please remember Summers in Jim Corbett are blisteringly hot. You should expect unrelenting heat in Jim Corbett between months of April, May and June. With temperature in Jim Corbett soaring between 35 and 47 degrees centigrade most of day time.

If you are planning your jim corbett trip with small baby somewhere around December, January & February. You will definitely be needing some heavy jackets, gloves and mufflers for morning and evening hours. While for daytime just a sweatshirt or light jacket can keep you comfortable. Heavy woolen socks and good pair of shoes will be blessing, if you like to enjoy nightlife and explore outdoors of Jim Corbett National Park.

List of things to Carry to Jim Corbett National- If you are on a short Jim Corbett Safari Trip:

-ID cards of all members traveling (a must for Jim Corbett National Park)
-Insect Repellents
-Sanitary requirements
-N95 Face Mask
-Hand Sanitiser
-First aid Kit
-Medicines/ Antiseptics/ Anti-diarrhea/ Anti-Allergy Pills
-Travel towel
-Extra Socks and Shoelaces
-Soaps and Shampoos – (dry paper soaps may also come in handy)
-Pen/ Pencil and Small Diary
-Plastic bags
(The above list provided is as per experience, however traveler is free to add or delete things from list)

Donít list for Visitors in Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is a protected area hence visitor's has to follow specic don't list- for quick reference walking, hunting, poaching, tree cutting, wandering inside corbett forest is strictly prohibited and tops dont list for jim corbett visiros. Another jim Corbett dont list includes avoid perfumes and bright clothes & dont forget to wear mask & getting safari jeep sanitised is new addition in corbett national park do & don't list after Omnicorn Covid-19 (2022) to Coronavirus subvariant JN.1 (2024). Don't make noise, shout, smoke, collect or pluck plants/flower inside park boundary. While taking photograph or shooting video, don't disturb wild animals( eg flash guns). Teasing, chasing or attempt to feed animal is prohibited. Respect local tradition, custom and religion during your stay and safari in Corbett National Park.


We also arrange Angling Tours and Tiger Safari Tour Packages in Jim Corbett National Park for wildlife enthusiasts Birding & Photographic Tours for those who wishes to experience Jungle Stay-during photography workshops one can also learn lessons with them. Yoga & Meditation Camps in Corbett for Adults & Kids, which are conducted by Yogic Teachers. Do write to us on or Call on +91 9719251197 for Programs & Costs. The lodge also organise Programs on Detox & Stress Management for Corporate. Vanya River Lodge is Ideal venue in Jim Corbett of Corporate Training in Team Building, Leadership & Communication. There is enough indoor and outdoor spaces to conduct Seminar, Conference, Meetings, Weddings and events in Jim Corbett National Park.

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Wildlife Safari in Jim Corbett

Book Best Willife Safari Experience in Jim Corbett at lowest price. We also arrange Jeeps for Safari to Bijrani, Dhela, Jhirna, Dhikala, Durgadevi and Sitabani.

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Reach Corbett National Park

Ramnagar is nearest town to reach Jim Corbett is well connected by Road & Train network. Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant & Phoolbagh- Rudrapur.

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Things to do in Jim Corbett

We offer range of adventure Sports in Jim Corbett viz Zipline, Climbing, Rappelling, Commando Net, Water Roller, Pressure Rocket etc.

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