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Flora, Plants and Himalayan Herbs in Jim Corbett Park

The different habitat types of Jim Corbett i.e. mountains, sal forests, chaurs, khair-sissoo forests, and rivers have their distinct assemblage of plants. More than 600 species of trees, shrubs, herbs, bamboos, grasses, climbers and ferns have been identified in the Park.


The most visible trees found in Jim Corbett National Park are sal, sissoo and khair. Many other species that contribute to the diversity are found scattered throughout the park. Chir pine is the only conifer of the Park and is found on ridge-tops like Chir Choti but comes quite low in Gajar Sot. The upper reaches near Kanda have Banj, Oak growing, which is essentially a Himalayan species.

Palms include Date palm that grows in open areas. Kanju (Holoptelia integrifolia), Jamun (Syzygium cumini) and Aamla (Emblica officinalis) are found scattered moist areas. Other major tree species are





Some species of trees that do not occur naturally in Jim Corbett National Park have been artificially planted in and around habitation. These include

Teak (Tectona grandis),


Jacaranda Silver Oak



Grasses form largest group of plant species in Jim Corbett National Park with more than 70 species recorded. They occupy different habitats, especially chaurs. They include Kansi , Themeda arundinacea, Baib or Bhabar , Narkul, Tiger Grass, Khus Khus, Spear Grass with conspicuous sharp blades that adhere to clothes and penetrates skin.


In some parts of Jim Corbett National Park vegetation is dominated by bamboo forest. The main species is Male Bamboo having clustered stout stems and shining papery stem sheaths. Bamboos follow a peculiar flowering process. All bamboos in forest, flower together at the same time once in several decades. After flowering, fruiting and dispersal of seeds, all plants die together.


Shrubs dominate jim corbett national park forest floor. There are several species of Ber found in open areas that provide food and habitat to many birds and animals. Maror phali is an easily noticeable shrub. Its fruits are in the form of twisted spiralling pods. Karaunda with pinkish-white flowers and sour fruit is found under sal. Hisalu has yellow, juicy, berry-like fruits that are savoured by animals. Jhau is found along the Ramganga & Kosi River basin on sandy or rocky soil.

The rich bio-diversity of steamy Terai leaves even the casual observer awestruck. From the sharp whiff of lemon grass to delicate fragrance of wild jasmine; from a velvety-soft rose petal to rough texture of weathered bark; from unruly clumps of towering elephant grass to the leafy shade of luscious mango and litchi trees- when your senses tailspin in a sensory explosion, you know you’ve arrived at Vanya. Even in dead of night, it’s never quiet here: if you listen closely, you’ll hear low whirr of crickets and cicadas sulking in the bushes and wild mushrooms sprouting on tree stumps.

The lush flora of Kumaon holds secret remedies that have helped sustain life for ages. Himalayan herbs that grow in abundance on these hills have immense restorative healing and medicinal properties. Locals gather these herbs and then prepare tinctures and extracts using age-old recipes. The secrets of the herbs have been handed down over generations and are now universally hailed for their natural goodness. We want you to take home the ancient secrets and treasures of the Himalayas at their unvarnished best. You can also ask manager for local procured honey and other organicaly grown produces.


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Animals & Plants Found in Corbett National Park

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Flora in Jim Corbett National Park

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Plants & Vegetation found in Jim Corbett National Park

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