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Vulture Disappear From Uttarakhand Jim Corbett National Park

The existence of vultures in Jim Corbett National Park and surrounding forests seems to be in danger. According to forest officials, many flocks of vultures that are often visible in park's Ringora and surrounding areas have not been visible for nearly two months. According to park officials, low number of vultures is reflective. An action plan will be drawn up to study and protect them. Jim Corbett National Park has around 2,500 vultures. The vultures that were on verge of extinction in the country were safe in Jim Corbett National Park. For two months, however, Jim Corbett has not seen vultures around Ringora area. Rajkumar, a Range officer at Corbett Park, said. Increased risk from painkillers: According to BP Singh, wildlife expert and DFO of Ramnagar Forest Division, number of vultures is steadily decreasing.

Use of painkillers in animals has increased risk on vultures. Vultures like to feed dead animals. Both herds and nests disappeared in forests: Wild life expert Deep Rajwar said that vulture nests were visible in and around Ringora, also heir flocks were seen in park. Suddenly, however, their presence has diminished. Corbett's lack of a flock of vultures and a rare appearance is not environmently good either. Corbett Park's Director Rahul said, "The number of vultures inside Corbett Park has been better, but lowering number of vultures in surrounding forests, including the park, is alarming. However, some vultures are still in the park. It will be studied.

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