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Wedding Organize-Planner-Decorater in Jim Corbett National Park

Are you looking for Wedding Planner, Organizer, Decorater for your wedding or Event in Corbett National Park in October, November, December, January, February, March or April, your search ends with us. We are on of best WEDDING Organizer, Planner & Decorater with experience of working with Wedding Event Planners Companies around Delhi, keeping tab with ONGOING TREND and BASED LOCAL, if you considering Jim Corbett as Venue for Destination Wedding. We offer End to End Wedding Solution in Jim Corbett National Park at BEST PRICE and BUDGET following Corona JN.1 rules, restrictions and social distancing norms laid by Uttarakhand Government & Park Admistration for Wedding in 2024. We are best wedding planner in Jim Corbett and know, how to control cost without compromising on quality. However Wedding to do list is endless of destination wedding in Jim Corbett, lets starts from deciding- will it be Outddor Wedding or Indoor Wedding & if its outdoor Wedding- search Lawn with banquet (must due to corbett extreme weather) and parking (parking norms in jim corbett) and if Its INDOOR event then Banquet Hall . Here most important factor is banquet and lawn should also fulfill Corona JN.1 restrictions on wedding in Jim Corbett National Park. There are very few Wedding Planners in Jim Corbett with local Knowledge and Expertise, as most events in Jim Corbett are handled by event management companies from Delhi without much ground working realities and knowledge , which ends with over budgeting or compromising on things, but WE have local EXPERTISE and KNOWLEDGE hosting Wedding Events in Jim Corbett National Park, so we are mainly inspired by LOCATION, APPROACH, SPACES & BUDGET while planning an Event or Wedding in Jim Corbett. Feel free to Call on +91 9719251197 or write for detail


We relieves you from stress of organising a social gathering, wedding reception in Jim Corbett and host a perfect wedding evening in Jim Corbett for your friends and relatives.We can organise weddding ceremony or reception in Jim Corbett for 150-1000 people. We are proud to say that we have experience of arranging different types of wedding in Jim Corbett like Kumauni, Punjabi, South Indian, Jains, Christain and Inter-fath wedding in Jim Corbett National Park. We also organise and arrange EVENTs in Jim Corbett other than Wedding, you can Choose and Contact us to arrange any of following SOCIAL GATHERING & EVENT in Jim Corbett National Park

Ring Ceremony
Mehndi Ceremony.
Sangeet Ceremony/DJ Night.
Pre-Wedding Photshoots.
Wedding Ceremony.
Anniversary Celebration.
Family Functions.
Bachelor Party.
Baby Shower.
Terrace Party.
Birthday/Kitty Parties.
Launchings New Product.
Theam Parties/Weddings.

• POOL PARTY: We can also organize Pool Party in Jim Corbett National with Bar-be-Que near Swimming Pool Area for small wedding or corporate functions in Jim Corbett Resort. This lawn near Swimming Pool have capacity up to 100-150 persons for an entertaining evenings or staged meeting in Jim Corbett.

• FOREST VIEW: Largest area for outdoor wedding in Jim Corbett National Park near River, with an area enought for guests up to 250 to 500 persons can easily assemble togather for an outdoor wedding in Jim Corbett.

• TERRACE PARTY with FOREST VIEW: You must have experienced many terrace parties in your life but Terrace Party in Jim Corbett is a paty to remember fore-ever. Jim Corbett Terrace with view of Forest and Mountain in backdrop with overlooking Pool makes, Jim Corbett Terrace a perfect venue to host corporate event, Sangeet or Mehandi in Jim Corbett National Park.

If you wants to make wedding a PRIVATE EVENT and also DONT WANT to SPEND on OUTDOOR DECOR, we have solution beautiful WEDDING RESORT in JIM CORBETT NATIONAL PARK with BANQUET HALL with 25 ROOMs- We can arrange your DESTINATION WEDDING in CORBETT PARK just for INR 10-15 Lac.

Venue for Destination Wedding near Nainital: The Cost for 2-3 days resort wedding in Jim Corbett may cost you anywhere above Rs 25-30 lakhs. We can arrange good banquet hall in Jim Corbett National Park for just INR 2.5 to 4.5 Lac.

Entertainment: DJ with Floor & Anchor/Announcer in Jim Corbett during destination wedding in Jim Corbett National Park will mere cost Rs 50,000 -01 Lac.

Wedding Lawn in Jim Corbett National Park with Parking: Cost of Wedding Lawn with Parking in Jim Corbett starts 1 lac and go up to 5 lakh, depending upon location and Season.

Decoration: "Traditional theme" The decorations for Jim Corbett Weddings comprises three basic requirements - Mandap, Stage and Entrance gates. The Mandap for Jim Corbett Weddings starts at Rs 11,000, stage can cost anything between Rs 25,000 - 50,000 and entrance gate Rs 25,000- 50,000 depending upon your likings. The sitting arrangements for destination wedding in Jim Corbett Resorts starts at Rs 500-1000 per table, seats at least 4-8 Persons.

Catering : Catering Costs and options for wedding in Jim Corbett Resorts start at Rs 750 with a standard 2-vegetarian, 2-non-vegetarian starters and standard main course. Budget for catering during Jim Corbett Wedding is Rs 900-2500 per plate for non-vegetarian menu is your pick. People always remember jim corbett resort wedding for location and food. After all they are there for that only, spend a little extra here and cut corners elsewhere.

Photography and Videography: Wedding Photographers Fee in Jim Corbett start from Rs 50,000 for 02 Day wedding in Jim Corbet Resorts as cover charge and Rs 25-100 per photo. But if you don’t want the typical ‘baraati’ style memories of your wedding, hire a good photographer from your place only, will save time for post wedding selections and editing on wedding photos and editing videos.

Wedding Card: Get a designer wedding card for your wedding in Jim Corbett with theme of wilderness and nature for Rs 250- INR 500 each piece (starting price) and may accompany it with local sweets of Jim Corbett, paraphernalia of almonds, god figurines and little chocolate boxes and what have you for a little more than Rs 3000 per invite.

Mithai : Go for a name everyone knows, safe and economical. Packaged mithai in Jim Corbett for destination wedding starts at Rs 550 per kg for desi ghee boondi laddoos and Rs 700-1000 per kg for kaju barfi in Jim Corbett.

Ladie Sangeet: Sangeet in Jim Corbet National Park for destinational Wedding starts with Rs 100000 - INR 150,000. with DJ, Snacks, Mehandi, Cocktail-Mocktail local folks to add colours to your Sangeet in Jim Corbett. You may get your Sangeet organised in Hall, near Pool Side lawn or on Terrace with backdrop of orchard, Mountain and overlooking Pool.

The Bar : So what if you are not serving single malt for your wedding in Jim Corbett, no one’s looking for one at Jim Corbett Wedding. Stock good IMFL whiskies (which are the most expensive), a mix of wine (mostly red), rum and beer and you are set with your bar arrangements for Jim Corbett Wedding. Plus, factor in some costs for the bar set up. Bar Tender : Rs 2500 Each Person for 2 hours + Service Staff as desired standard Rates.

Fire Works & Lighting : Fire Works for Jim Corbett Wedding may costs you for Rs.25,000-50,000 for 30min & Lightining with Generator: Rs 1,50,000 to 3,00,000 for 02 Days

Makeup: A neighbourhood parlour in Jim Corbett paint job during Jim Corbett Wedding starts at Rs 15,000 + Transport but good makeup wedding artist for destination wedding in Jim Corbett may charge Rs 25,000 and some even go up to Rs 50,000.

Mehendi: The Mehandi boy/ Girls Team in Jim Corbett Resort Wedding, can do it for your guests for Rs 250-400 per hand, depending upon how for many hands you like to book them.

Turbans: Starts at Rs 500/- Each Pagari during Jim Corbett Resort Wedding

RETURN GIFT/BHAJI : Rs. 500-900/-person.

HONEYMOON PACKAGE : Rs.25,000-5 lakhs per couple.


We also organise ANGLING & BIRDING TRIPS, PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, YOGA & MEDITATION CAMPS, SUMMER CAMPS 4 KIDS. WORKSHOPS on RELATIONSHIP & STRESS MANAGEMENT for Individual, Corporate, Package for SOLO Travelers and FIX Date TOURS to Corbett. CORPORATE TRAINING with TEAM ACTIVITIES and EXCURSIONS. Do write to us on or Call on +91 9719251197 for Details.

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Corbett Wedding START- 10 Lac for 25 Room+Hall+Gala Dinner

Having own Resort, Banquet Hall, Lawn with Parking in Jim Corbett...We ASSURE nobody can MATCH our SERVICES & PRICES in CORBETT for WEDDING in CORBETT

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Wedding Venue OPTIONS-Lawn, Banquet & 5 Star Resort

We offers number of options to suit your taste. Whether you like to host your event in 5-Star Hotel/Resort or Budget Resort, we can find best option for you in Jim Corbett.

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MEMORIES to REMEMBER- Safari,Mehandi & Massages

We can also help your guests arranging local transport arrangements, Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, Camel Safari & Activities for Kids in Corbett, Mehandi, Spa & Masages etc...