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Rivers inside Jim Corbett National Park

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For the survival of such a remarkable gamut of floral and faunal species in Jim Corbett National Park , water is a crucial factor. The Ramganga river forms the most prominent hydrological resource, supplemented by tributaries, most prominent of which are the Sonanadi, Mandal and Palain rivers. River Kosi runs proximate to Jim Corbett Park and is also a significant water resource for nearby areas. Wildlife of Jim Corbett is dependent on River Kosi and Ramganga River, more so in dry season, for they provide drinking waters and also forms home to several key aquatic species.


Ramganga river is crucial for Jim Corbett infact without it there would be no Jim Corbett Park. It is the largest of the precious few perennial sources of water inside Jim Corbett Park. A rain-fed river originating near Gairsain in the Lower Himalayas, the Ramganga traverses more than 100 km before entering Jim Corbett Park near Bhikiasen. Inside the Jim Corbett Park it flows roughly 40 km till Kalagarh where it enters the plains. During this run through Jim Corbett Park it gathers waters from the Palain, Mandal and Sonanadi rivers.

Ramganga River is inhabited by key aquatic species like mahseer fish, the endangered gharials, mugger crocodiles, otters and turtles. Many species of birds, like kingfishers, fish-eagles, terns and storks depend on River Ramganga. During winters the Ramganga reservoir attracts many migratory bird species, especially waterbirds from Europe and Central Asia.


Kosi River is a perennial river like Ramganga river and its catchment lies partially in Jim Corbett NP. From Mohan through Dhikuli till Ramnagar, Kosi river forms the eastern boundary of Jim Corbett National Park. Even though Kosi river does not enter Jim Corbett Park boundary, wild animals from Jim Corbett use it for drinking especially during pinch periods. Vanya River Lodge is a cheap and best stay option, close to Kosi river at walk-away distance. The beds of Kosi river are strewn with boulders and its flow is erratic and often changes course. Kosi river is notorious for its unpredictable and damaging torrents during monsoon. Like Ramganga river, River Kosi too is inhabited by mahseer and attracts migratory birds.


Sonanadi River is an important tributary of River Ramganga. Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is named after Sonanadi river adjoins Jim Corbett National Park and forms an important part of Corbett Tiger Reserve. Sonanadi river in Jim Corbett enters the Park from northwest direction and meets Ramganga river at ramganga reservoir. Sonanadi means river of gold. One time grains of gold, found in alluvial deposits washed down from higher areas, were extracted from bed sand of sonanadi river by sieving, washing and mercury treatment.

Mandal and Palain

Mandal river rises in eastern heights in Talla Salan in Chamoli district. Forming a part of northeastern boundary of Jim Corbett Park. Mandal river flows for 32 km and joins River Ramganga at Domunda a little distance above Gairal. During dry season, Mandal River contains very little water but during the monsoons river turns into furious torrent. Mandal River forms a vital breeding ground for endangered mahseer. River Palain is third important tributary of River Ramganga and enters Jim Corbett Park from northern direction. Palain River meets River Ramganga about 3 km north of Ramganga reservoir.


Sot is local name for a seasonal stream. While traveling across the jim corbett park you may cross several of these bouldery dry streams. Though most of them appear dry and lifeless, they are very important for Jim Corbett Park ecology. Animals inhabiting Jim Corbett Park depend on these sots for their drinking water requirements for a good part of the year. Some sots in Jim Corbett Park are perennial, important ones being Paterpani, Laldhang, Kothirao, Jhirna, Dhara and Garjia. Since water is a limiting factor, these perennial sots provide water to wildlife during pinch periods. Many of these sots are covered with thick growth of evergreen shrubs and bamboo clumps which form ideal shelter for many animals including the tiger.


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