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Birds in Jim Corbett National Park-2024

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While Corbett is famous for its healthy population of large mammals including the Indian Tiger and the Asiatic Elephant, it is as famous for its birds with over 500 species recorded from the area. Lesser Fish Eagle, Cinereous Vulture, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Tawny Fish and Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, Great Slaty Woodpecker, Ibisbill, Wallcreeper, Hodgson's Bushchat, Bright-headed Cisticola, Rosy Minivet, White-tailed Rubythroat are just some of the species that are regularly seen in and around the park.

Jim Corbett National Park is exceptionally rich in its avifauna. According to a survey conducted by the Zoological Survey of India team, there are about 600 birds species in the Jim Corbett National Park, that comprises of domestic as well as migratory birds including a variety water-birds and waterside-birds. The variety and the number of birds, the Jim Corbett National Park offers, never fail to impress its visitors.

For your convenience, BIRDS of Jim Corbett National Park can be divided into following 6 categories.

Water-birds and Waterside-birds:

The water-birds and the waterside-birds in the Jim Corbett National Park comprises of both resident and migrant species. The commonly noticed resident species include Cormorants, the Darter, the Grey Heron, Egrets, the Cattle Egret, the White-necked and Black-necked Storks, the Spotbill, the Large Pied Wagtail and White-capped Redstart.The migrant species of water-birds in corbett park include the Great Crested Grebe, Graylag Geese, White Storks, Black Storks, Sandpipers, Snipe, the Great Black-headed Gull, about 15 kinds of ducks, and a variety of Wagtails. Another occasionally noticed water-bird in the park is White or Rosy Pelicans.

Birds of Prey:

The resident birds of prey found in corbett are Crested Serpent Eagle, the Black-winged Kite, the Indian Shikra, the Himalayan Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, Himalayan Vultures and Lesser and Greater Spotted Eagles. Other resident birds (not very commonly found) are Hawk-Eagles, the Crested Honey Buzzard and the Black Eagle. The migratory birds seen in corbett are Osprey, the Peregrine Falcon, the Booted Hawk- Eagle and the Steppe Eagle.

Night Birds found in Corbett Park:

In this category come the owls, the nightjars and the thick-knees. There are over 18 kinds of owls identified in the Jim Corbett National Park including the Spotted Owlet, Fish Owls, and the Scops Owls. The nightjars in the park include the Jungle Nightjar, the Franklin's Nightjar, the Stone Curlew and the Great Stone Plover.

Woodland Birds in Corbett:

In this category come the Green Pigeons, Parakeets, Cuckoos, Hornbills, Barbets, Woodpeckers, Orioles, Drongos, Pies, Babblers and Thrushes. Among the ground-birds (woodland) are the Peafowl, the Red Junglefowl, and the White-crested Kalij Pheasant.

Grassland and Open Ground Birds:

The grassland and open ground birds of corbett included in this category are the Black Partridge, Doves, Bea-eaters, Rollers, the Hoopoe, Shrikes, Larks, Mynas, Bulbuls, Warblers, Tailor Bird, Robins, Chats, Redstarts, Bayas and Finches.


The list of air birs found in corbett includes the Swifts including the famous Indian Alpine Swift, Crested Swifts, the Dusky Crag Martin, Striated (or Red-rumpled) Swallows, the Indian Cliff Shallow, and the Wire-tailed Swallow..


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History of Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is oldest national park in India, established in 1936 as Hailey National Park, renamed as .........and finally Jim Corbett National Park in 1973.View Detail

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Bird Watching Tour in Corbett

There are about 600 birds species in Jim Corbett, comprises domestic and migratory birds including water and waterside-birds. Book bird watching tour at lowest price.

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Reach Corbett National Park

Direct train to Ramnagar (RMR ) runs from Mumbai, Lucknow, Varanasi, Delhi etc. Else reach up to Haldwani/ LalKuan Moradabad and come to Ramnagar by road by Bus or Taxi.

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